Famous quotations/ Známé citáty

Richard Whately  1787–1863 
English philosopher and theologian; Archbishop of Dublin from 1831

‘Never forget, gentlemen,’ he [Whateley] said, to his astonished hearers, as he held up a copy of the ‘Authorized Version’ of the Bible, ‘never forget that this is not the Bible,’ then, after a moment’s pause, he continued, ‘This, gentlemen, is only a translation of the Bible.

Zkráceně: "Nikdy nezapomeňte, pánové, že toto není Bible. Je to pouze její překlad."

To a meeting of his diocesan clergy, in H. Solly These Eighty Years (1893) vol. 2, ch. 2
From: Oxford Dictionary of Quotations Fourth Edition

Shakespeare: Macbeth

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